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Budapest River Cruise

Did you ever try Budapest River Cruise?

Didn't? Thats a big mistake. Why?

Because the Panorama of Budapest is not only an unforgettable experience, but an illustration of the capital's history. The banks - added to the World Heritage List of UNESCO - offer one of the world's most outstandingly beautiful urban cityscapes.

There's no better way to explore the beauty of Budapest than cruising on the Danube, during a Budapest River Cruise.

You will have the best view of the panorama from the deck of the spectacular Silver-line ship of Budapest river cruise.

The Budapest River Cruise with Silver-line is not just a simple river cruise, but a really memorable sightseeing possibility with special enjoyable programmes for the whole family and friends.

At the Silver-line, you can choose from two main kinds of Budapest river cruise:
daytime and evening river cruise.

There are many kinds of daytime river cruises for example "Pizza and Beer Budapest Cruise" (best with friends) and "Budapest Sightseeing Cruise" (great for the whole family).

For couples the best choices are the evening river cruises. During the daytime cruises you can enjoy the buildings and bridges, but at evening you can enjoy the romantic lights of Budapest too.
Budapest night views are charmingly romantic.

At the Silver-line you can choose from many kinds of evening river cruise programmes, for example: dinner cruise with piano battle show, or dinner cruise with folklore and operetta show.

Just imagine! You and your lover at the evening budapest river cruise: the Danube shore and the bridges are lid up and the full magic of the city comes out. You enjoy the candlelight dinner and listen to music while shipping up and down one of the most beautiful shores in the world. What could be more romantic?

Whichever Budapest River Cruise do you choose, it is guaranteed to be a fantastic experience.

Enjoying a Budapest dinner cruise is a real treat to the eyes, the mind and the palate.

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Be the part of a special Budapest river cruise.

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